We’re Having a Bank Holiday Sale!

We’re observing the bank holiday in the traditional way: with a sale! Use code GBF18BANKHOL to get 10 per cent off most GBF events.

You could add to your summer reading list by going to the Festival Party on Friday night (bit.ly/gbfparty18). Or you might fancy an architectural walk around Victorian Greenwich (bit.ly/gbfvictour).  Love poetry? Then come along to our special “Ledbury in London” poetry event (bit.ly/gbfledbury).

Maybe your child would like to create a story with Lego in a magical campervan (bit.ly/gbfmalcolm). Or they want to join the investigation of detective duo Stick and Fetch with Philip Ardagh and Elissa Elwick (bit.ly/gbfstickfetch). If they’re a crafty kid (who isn’t) there’s a whole array of workshops to choose from: rainbows! (bit.ly/gbfrainbow) unicorns! (bit.ly/gbfunicorn) dragons! (bit.ly/gbffergal)

For a full listing of all of our amazing events, either click on the “What’s On” tab at the top of the page.

The only events not covered by the promotion are those that are nearly sold out, so you’ll want to book tickets for those too so you won’t be caught short. Those include “Books Making a Splash” at the Charlton Lido (bit.ly/gbflido), the joint appearance of YA superstars Patrick Ness and Angie Thomas (bit.ly/gbfnessthomas) and best-selling authors Dolly Alderton and Emma Gannon in conversation (bit.ly/gbfdollyemma).

Go on! What are you waiting for? Come and join us at the Greenwich Book Festival. We’ve been called one of the friendliest festivals in London. Come and see if that’s true.

Use the code GBF18BANKHOL when purchasing tickets on Eventbrite. When selecting tickets, click on the “Enter Promotional Code” at the top of the Select Tickets box. Discount will be applied at the checkout. Discount ends at noon on Tuesday, 29 May.





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