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June 14

Rape Culture and Revolt: Book Launch – FREE Public Talk

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Lecture Theatre 11_0003, 10 Stockwell Street
Greenwich, London, SE10 9BD United Kingdom
June 14, 2019
6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
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Rape Culture and Revolt: struggles of the body, sexuality and public space


About the session:
Dr Alexandra Fanghanel, along with colleagues, will present a session based on her new book ‘Disrupting Rape Culture: Public Space, Sexuality and Revolt’. This session will explore the themes of the book. We will be framing this discussion around the case studies of pregnancy, sexualised protest and BDSM. Stacy Banwell (University of Greenwich) and Paul Carré (University of Bangor) will provide responses to book. There will also be the opportunity for the audience to join in the discussion and to buy a copy of the book at a reduced cost. The session is chaired by Michael Fiddler (University of Greenwich).

About the book:
Pussy grabbing; hot mommas; topless protest; nasty women. Whether hypersexualised, desexualised, venerated or maligned, women’s bodies in public space continue to be framed as a problem. A problem that is discursively ‘solved’ by the continued proliferation of rape culture in everyday life.  Indeed, despite the rise in research and public awareness about rape culture and sexism in contemporary debates, gendered violence continues to be normalised.


Using case studies from the US and UK – the de/sexualised pregnancy, the troublesome naked protest, the errant BDSM player – Fanghanel interrogates how the female body is figured through, and revolts against, gendered violence. Rape culture currently thrives. This book demonstrates how it happens, the politics that are mobilised to sustain it, and how we might act to contest it.

Issues of social and spatial gendered justice have never been more pertinent in contemporary post-industrialist societies. This book marks an intervention in contemporary debates about women’s bodies, public space and rape culture, to find ways in which the normalization of violence against women might be contested. It brings together a rich web of thought about politics, embodiment and public space to examine social and spatial justice in the context of the female body. Transforming rape culture is not easy; the problems outlined in this book are not things that can be fixed by policy changes or legal reform (alone). They necessitate an overhaul in the ethics of the way in which we think and act in public spaces, including attending to the exclusions that everyone, in part, is complicit in enacting. Through analyses of three provocative case studies (pregnancy in public space, the female body as protest, and BDSM in public space), this book opens up generative ideas about transgression and revolt, and advances a transformative politics of the possibilities of living without rape culture.

To know more about Alexandra’s book, please follow the link:



Stacy Banwell is a Principal Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Greenwich. She is the programme leader of the new MSc Criminology, Gender and Sexualities. Her research  interests include: Gender and International Relations/Security, The gendered impact of war/armed conflict, wartime rape and sexual violence. She is currently writing a monograph on Gender and the Violence(s) of war.​

Paul Carré is a social scientist from Bangor University, where he attempts to make sense of socialisation processes, rational-emotional behaviours and coping with encompassing and stressful environments. He also sits on the University’s Gendered Violence and Sexual Harassment Task Group and draws on experience in therapeutic Residential Childcare settings to achieve a healthy, safe, supportive and respectful student environment.​

Dr Michael Fiddler (chair) is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Greenwich. His current research project explores the ‘haunted’ aspects of crime and punishment.  ​


Age: 16+


This event will take place is Room 11_0004, University of Greenwich, 10 Stockwell Street, Greenwich. Tickets are FREE but attendees should register for their ticket.


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