Find Finnly, the Friendly Book Wiz, and Solve His Puzzle Around Greenwich

Finnly, the friendly book wiz, has been hiding nine letters around the middle of Greenwich and wants you to solve the puzzle to spell a word.

Finnly is our new Greenwich Book Festival mascot. He’s cute, right? But he’s also a bit mischievous, hiding those letters in all those different places. When you put them together, they spell a word.

Kids should search for all nine letters, put them in order and then figure out what word Finnly hid. Once you’ve filled out your form, which you can download below or get at West Greenwich Library, bring it to the Greenwich Book Festival on Saturday, 16 June. Hand it in at the Box Office and you’ll receive a prize for figuring out Finnly’s puzzle, and you’ll be entered in the Grand Prize draw of an amazing children’s book bundle.

If you’re stuck about the places where Finnly may have hidden the letters, here’s some clues about where he’s been:

  • Finnly loves to read. So he visited West Greenwich Library at 146 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NN, as well as our book festival partner, Waterstones Greenwich at 51 Church Street, SE10 9BL.
  • Finnly is cultured. He’s visited all the cultural hotspots of West Greenwich, including our festival partner Greenwich Theatre at Crooms Hill, SE10 8ES, and the Greenwich Picturehouse at 180 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NN.
  • Finnly loves a good nosh, like all good foxes. So he may have eaten a hamburger at Honest Burger at 8 Nelson Road, SE10 9JB, and then went on to have some pie and mash at Goddard’s at 22 King William Walk, SE10 9HU.
  • Finnly loves to keep in touch with loved ones, so he went to the Post Office at 261-267 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NE.
  • Finnly might need a pair of glasses with all the reading he likes to do, so he visited Glasseslab Opticians at 52 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BL.
  • Finnly is a fox about town who adeptly uses the trains at Greenwich Railway Station at Greenwich High Road, SE10 8JU.

Finnly was drawn by our talented Illustrator in Residence Ged Adamson. Kids can join him at his workshop where they can hear his new book, “Ava and the Rainbow (Who Stayed)” followed by a rainbow creation session, which you can book here. He also will be wandering around our festival and drawing all the fun happenings, so you may see him in action.

If you can’t make it to West Greenwich library, here is a form you can download instead. Good luck!


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